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EcoStar Diamond has been serving customers for three generations. Our experience ensures you’ll receive the highest quality diamonds, cut for beauty, clarity and shine.

The lowest price is rarely the best value. True value combines excellent products and service with fair pricing, which is the EcoStar pledge. We bring fun to the experience of diamond buying, and strive to create lifelong customer relationships.

Our Engagement Ring Buyers Bill of Rights guarantees you:

  1. The right to a fear-free buying experience.
  2. The right to our lifetime warranty.
  3. The right to love your ring.
  4. The right to the largest and finest diamond possible within your budget.

Excellent Customer Service Every Day

You’ll never worry about support at EcoStar Diamond. Our customer service is unmatched and you can always speak to a live human being. We have solutions to common problems that keep people stuck with a ring they don’t like.

Our KRAZY Philosophy

Kindness, Respect, Action, Zero-Hassles and a “Yes I Can!" attitude guide the EcoStar team. Try us out! We’re certain you will love our selection of affordable diamonds and diamond jewelry.

As prime manufacturers we make everything we sell in house, so we don’t pay additional mark ups to wholesalers or distributors. This is why when shopping EcoStar Diamond.com, you can benefit from buying direct and paying wholesale prices rather than paying double from a re-seller or retailer. A constant commitment to research and development by three generations of family ownership in the diamond and jewelry industry makes sure that each of our, “EcoStar,” pure carbon diamonds, delivers the finest quality at the best possible price to our customers.

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