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Diamonds Grown To Order


Lab Created Diamond Engagement Rings | The Lab Diamond.

 You’re ready to get engaged. You’ve done your research. You know the 4 Cs, studied your “proposal do’s and don’ts,and found the clarity you needed to determine the difference between lab-created, mined, synthetic and man-made diamonds.

 The next step? It’s an easy one – making “A Smart Choice In Diamonds.” By choosing, you choose quality, value, environmental consciousness and social responsibility. Easy! It’s all the satisfaction of having an actual diamond with none of the concerns about environmental impact or conflict diamonds.

 By recreating the natural process, we are able to offer lab created diamond engagement rings of top quality and value. Our company is proud to offer diamonds grown in a safe, controlled environment using only modest amounts of energy with little environmental impact. As all diamonds are origin guaranteed and fully disclosed as lab-created, any concerns related to “conflict” or “blood” diamonds are also alleviated.

 It’s safe to say, “The Smart Choice In Diamonds,” is one of the easiest you’ll make during the entire engagement process.  Choose   Best of luck with all the rest!

 Here's a fresh idea - what if you were able to order a diamond and have it grown just for you?


The The Lab-Grown Diamond shown above was ordered by a customer who wanted a pretty Princess cut diamond of 1.2cts and no less than I color and VS2 clarity. It took about 3 weeks for the diamond crystal to grow, then cut and polished by our master cutters. The results: 1.35cts I color VS2 clarity gorgeous Princess cut diamond.

If you would like us to grow a Pure Carbon Lab Diamond just for you, call us to discuss your requirements and we will start the process to create a unique, "One of a kind diamond" just for you.
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