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What are your suggestions for selecting the right size diamond?

First, you want to consider the size of the recipient's hand and fingers. Is this for an engagement ring? Today the usual choice for an engagement ring begins at about 1.00 carat. A rule of thumb is that if the ring is a size 6 or smaller, you may want to reduce the carat weight to .90. A ct. very important consideration is your budget. A perfect one-carat diamond is a better gift than a flawed or poorly cut two-carat stone. If you are on a tight budget, you want to insure that you purchase the best ring your money can buy.



How Much Should I spend for an Engagement Ring?

 5 Easy Buying Tips

 1.    Set your budget and determine what kind of monthly payment you can comfortably handle.

 2.    Make Cut your priority. Of the 4 C’s, cut has the most impact on a diamond’s sparkle. Pick the highest cut grade you can afford.

 3.    Does size matter? Carat is the most familiar “C”, but it simply refers to the weight of the diamonds. Try to balance the carat weight with the cut grade for maximum Wow!

 4.    Make a choice. Pick a metal and ring style that feels right for your special someone. There are no right answers as now it’s all about personal style.

 5.    Be confident. View the diamond’s third party grading report to confirm that you’re getting what you think your getting. (Believe what you are told but verify)


How can I make sure I am buying the correct ring size?

If you do not know your own ring size, simply request a set of complimentary ring sizers, and we will send them to you. If this is for your fiancé and she expects the ring, ask her what size she wears.

If the ring is going to be a surprise there are several sleuthing methods you can use to keep your purchase a secret and insure the ring will fit perfectly.

  • If you have access to the recipient's jewelry box, you may 'borrow' one of her rings to take in to a jeweler to have sized. Just remember to keep it for only a day and put it back right away.
  • If she already wears a ring on either of her ring fingers, you can try the romantic move. Tell her how delicate and small her hands are. Ask her to take off the ring and then you try to put it on your pinky. Make a big fuss about how small her finger is because it will not fit your pinky. Remember where that ring stopped on your finger. When you visit the jeweler for sizing, you can say exactly where the ring should fit.
  • Another covert action is to borrow her ring when she is otherwise occupied, and place it on a napkin or small piece of paper. You want to use the inside of the ring as a pattern, drawing a circle on the paper. You can fold the paper and put it in your pocket to have the jeweler size.

What metal should I select for the setting?

Which metal you select is a matter of personal choice and budget. If your fiancé always wears yellow gold, then you would select 14kt or 18kt, whichever fits your budget. If she wears white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum, then you would select your favorite, again based on budget.

When you are deciding on whether to purchase 14kt or 18kt gold, you should remember that the higher the number, the higher the actual gold content. In each instance the gold is mixed with other metals to make a strong setting. 18 kt gold is more expensive than 14 kt, but it is also softer. 14kt contains 58.5% pure gold and 18kt contains 75% pure gold.

At we save money and the environment by utilizing 14kt and 18kt gold settings. Each of these metals is generally hard and makes an excellent choice for everyday wear.

If you are considering white gold or platinum, you may want to look into the latest white metal offering of Palladium. This newer alloy retains its white (silver) color and shine, is hypoallergenic and is often more popularly priced than gold or platinum. Palladium resembles platinum in its chemical make-up. Prices of gold and platinum change daily according to market increases (or decreases). Palladium is more stable in its pricing.

Platinum is the finest metal for fine jewelry making and is, in fact, more rare than gold. Because it is rarer, it is more expensive. Like Palladium, it is hypoallergenic. It is also very pliable which gives it properties where it can be stretched and maneuvered into exquisite settings. The number of customers selecting platinum has grown over the past several years, possibly because of its rarity and increasing value.


What form of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Customers may also purchase with our Affirm financing. ( ) As an added convenience for our customers who do not wish you charge, we also accept secured on-line payment by personal check, or wire transfer.



How safe is my personal information when ordering on-line?

Customer safety is of paramount importance to us. Be assured that we do not ever give out customer information to any third parties. We do not sell our customer base to list brokers. We also do not store any credit card information on our server. Once your credit card information has been encrypted and sent to the payment processor, we no longer have your credit information in our files. What this means to you is that if you make a purchase today and order on line (or call) two months from now, you will have to re-enter your credit information.

Information you provide is filtered through Secure Socket Layering (SSL) which is the latest in high-tech encryption that guarantees safe Internet transmission of your personal information. We are also a McAfee Secure web site.


Do you add sales tax to the purchase price?

NO. We do not charge sales tax.


Are there additional charges?

The price you are quoted for your ring is complete. There are no hidden charges and no additional fees.


Are there limits to where you can ship?

In addition to shipping to all 50 U.S. states, we ship to at least 30 countries worldwide. Countries do change from time to time depending on political climates. All international purchases and shipments are governed by the laws for import or customs of the receiving entity. First, we suggest that you contact our Customer Service department to insure that we are allowed to ship to your destination. Once confirmed, it is incumbent upon you to learn the rules of your particular country regarding shipments from abroad.

How much do you charge for shipping?

There are no additional fees added to your purchase price. however, for security purposes, someone over the age of 21 must sign for the shipment when it arrives. It will not be left at your door. There are are no additional fees added to your purchase price.

How long does it usually take to receive an order?

We customize each ring for each individual customer. We do not begin work until you have selected your cut, setting design, size and setting metal. From that point it takes 7-10 business days to craft your ring. Once complete it takes two days to be delivered within the U.S. and five to seven days internationally.


Can I have the ring sent to a different address than the billing address on my credit card?

Certainly, many customers have their orders sent to their offices so they can be on hand to personally sign for the delivery. However, if you do want your purchase shipped to a different address, we may need to ask a few more questions prior to charging your credit card for security purposes. These questions prevent an unauthorized buyer from charging to your account.


Do you alert me when my ring has shipped?

Yes we do. Once your ring has been completed within the 7-10 day window, we will send you a confirmation e-mail that it has shipped and the communication contains the tracking number. You will not receive confirmation until the order is complete and has been picked up by the delivery service.

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