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 Engagement Ring Settings

When you are choosing the ring of your dreams you must begin with the finest metals for your setting. When taking into consideration the price, color, and durability, keeping in mind that your setting must be high quality and stand up to everyday wear, and it must look elegant. There are several options for choosing a high quality metal that will fit your needs and create a beautiful ring to last a lifetime. While 14k White and Yellow Gold and are the two more popular options for man-made diamond settings, we offer the entire range of available metals, including 18k, Platinum and Palladium.

We sell 14k gold settings as our standard metal, based on high demand and customer preference. Keep in mind that gold holds its value and can stand the test of time. To speak with an expert to help you decide what is best for you and your budget you can find us on live chat, phone, or email 24 hours a day. We will help you find the perfect setting for your engagement ring. Call Now @800-682-1799

White Gold

White gold is the most popular metal used for settings in engagement rings. Yellow gold, platinum, and Palladium have been the more popular metals in the past. White gold is made of Palladium, Nickel, Platinum and Manganese, while sometimes zinc and silver can be added. Karats are used to express the purity in white gold, just like in yellow gold. 14k white gold is the most popular. White gold is emerging as a more popular wedding band choice as well.

Yellow Gold

Those who like a traditional look will likely opt for a yellow gold. Yellow is probably the color most associated with gold jewelry. The yellow hue occurs because pure gold, which is yellow, is mixed with alloy metals like copper and zinc. While yellow gold is most popular with standard jewelry, the majority of our customers prefer white gold for their diamond engagement rings.

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