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Our Stones

 The Best Man Made Lab-Grown Diamonds in the world!…   
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 EcoStarDiamond.com is the home of the finest gemologists and jewelers in the world. Years back we made the transition from natural stones to man-made diamonds. This took place when we developed the ability to recreate the brilliance, hardness and similarities of the real diamond and provide our customers with the finest pure carbon diamonds in the world. You really have to be a trained expert to tell the difference. Our stones are conflict-free. This means that you will never get a blood diamond from us. When purchasing a natural stone you are likely always buying something that is connected to violence and blood in Africa. Our stones may only take weeks to make – and not millions of years.



If you're in the market for a diamond, you now have a New Choice--ECOSTAR DIAMOND-THE RIGHT CHOICE.

Man-made, or lab created diamonds have been around for decades, but they have really developed as a responsible choice to mined diamonds in the last 5 years.

This is a scientific breakthrough, growing a gem quality diamond in a lab environment. We're not talking about man-made look a likes like Cubic Zirconium or Moissanite. All "EcoStar Diamonds" are lab grown, and  have the same properties and qualities as natural diamonds. Lab created diamonds and mined diamonds are virtually the same thing; the same sparkle and durability. Instead of growing in the earth over millions of years, these diamonds are grown in a matter of weeks in pressurized vessels. They're created in laboratories in a closely controlled environment, genuine diamonds grown from the same material as natural ones.

ECOSTAR DIAMONDS ARE PHYSICALLY, CHEMICALLY AND OPTICALLY IDENTICAL TO MINED DIAMONDS AND SELL FOR 50% LESS. There is no difference between EcoStar Diamonds and mined diamonds; they are indistinguishable under a microscope. Even jewelers can't tell the difference! All EcoStar Diamonds come with a certificate from the IGI, (International Gemological Institute) stating the color, clarity and weight, and are inscribed with the Certificate number on the girdle for positive identification. EcoStar Diamonds are sustainable, conflict free, and environmentally friendly.

This is the future of diamonds!  As demand goes up and supplies of naturally mined diamonds go down, the prices for mined diamonds will start to go up dramatically, which is when more people will start to appreciate and accept the advantages of lab-grown diamonds and start to purchase them in significant quantities.

Diamond Infused Simulant

 Our Diamond Infused Simulant stones are made from a proprietary mixture of compounds, elements and optical enhancers creating a singly refractive gem which is then cut to ideal hearts and arrows standards for maximum light reflection. It then goes to our lab where it is infused with 100 Angstroms of (SP3)diamond bonds, the same material of which diamonds grow naturally.

 After coating, the outer layer of our stones have a hardness, slightly less than naturally mined diamond, are D in color, and internally flawless in clarity. Once coated, the bond on our “Lab Created Diamonds” is permanent and guarantee for life against chipping, fading, or loss of brilliance.

 When we created the formula for our lab diamonds we made them so as not to test positive on a diamond tester, which measures thermal conductivity. We were concerned that some unscrupulous people might buy large quantities of our stones and try to pass them off as real, and sell them for large profit, since our stones are so diamond- like.

EcoStar Diamond,  is the only brand that has earned the right to use the Earth Friendly Approved Seal.

For more information log on to EcoStarDiamond.com or call us: Toll Free@ 800-259-0158.

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