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They gave me the perfect wedding set customized just the way I wanted!

When you think about diamonds a lot comes to mind… diamonds are beautiful, often expensive, and come at a terrible cost to those who live in the conflict zones where traditional diamonds are mined.

I wanted a beautiful wedding set, however I wanted one that came conflict free without looking like cheap glass like you often see in the department stores. They gave me the perfect wedding set customized just the way I wanted it! It was so easy!! I had searched online for my perfect set but never found what I was looking for…

I decided to to see if they could help me find what I wanted. They were so helpful. They designed my ring just for me and it was even more beautiful than I could have hoped for! I now have a gorgeous wedding set that’s one of a kind! It came conflict free, was made in an environmentally friendly way and at a fair cost.

I couldn’t be happier with my set and I would never shop anywhere else for diamonds

Thank you!

Brandy Custom

Brandy Leigh Mustio

Their quality is unmatched. I love love love my ring!

Whitney K

Just received my 2.5CT solitaire 14kt yellow gold Lab ring.

I compared this ring with my really expensive 2.21 diamond 14 Kt ring (cost $18,000) with a magnafying glass, and I cannot tell the difference! I was very skeptical after ordering and reading some reviews, but I am shocked with how real it looks!

We go away for 6 months to the Caribbean and I did not want to bring my mined diamond on the trip. I will never buy a blood diamond again , these are truly magnificent next purchase will be 14kt earrings.


Hi, Just want to let you know that we have been getting compliments everywhere we go on the ring. Great job!


You are so wonderful and knew what I wanted before I even knew what I wanted.

The quality of the ring I got and the service was so above and beyond ANYTHING I expected!

I want everyone to know how great you are!


I looked into an alternative diamond for months and decided to go with you.

If you are on the fence, jump off and buy from them!

I put a 1 1/2 carat princess cut into my diamond engagement ring and it looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

Thank you for all your help.

Stacee D

Good morning. This is Matt. The ring turned out awesome. Thank you.

I will be in touch with you in the future about different jewelry. I took the ring to a jeweler and they could not tell if the diamond was real or not.

I love it.


Thank you for my ring. It is lovely.

Raquel F

I received the ring and love it. The work is beautiful.

Thank you and I look forward to doing more business with you and sending my friends and family your way.

Davinder S

After much research and a great conversation about the process that they use to create these stones, I sent my precious engagement ring off to him for a new cushion cut 2ct stone.

I just received it back yesterday and I can't believe it. I can't stop staring at it. It's spectacular. The stone is brilliant and they cleaned my 18k ring. Beyond what it looked like when I first received it.

Thank you so much for takingthe time to educate me in this interesting process and for exceeding my expectations.

Linda K

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful ring you made me. It looks identical to my wedding ring,except a bigger center stone.

I love it!


Thank you! My girlfriend was amazed that I could afford such a beautiful ring.Thanks for helping me pick a winner! I will let others know about your company.


I must admit I was skeptical of Lab Grown Diamonds.. I have looked at other company's diamonds and decided to purchase through your website. I am happy I did.

I received the ring today and it is as perfect as you said it would be. I could not have afforded to purchased a regular mined diamondof this quality.

This diamond is truly amazing. Thank you.


My wife and I just love the Tiffany Classic Style ring (Engagement Ring). We are glad we went the Lab Diamond route. It has proven to make us and my wallet happy!


Thank you for the expedited service. I was anxious to pop the question before being deployed.

She loved it!!


All I got to say is WOW!

My husband and I are big environmentalists. We try to look for products that do not take away from our precious Earth, or cause anyone harm. My new lab-diamond earrings are better than mined diamonds.

My friends are envious and best of all, the diamonds are earth friendly.


Hi this is Lisa. I placed an order with you last week and got the ring today. My boyfriend and I are very happy with the quality and clarity and size of the diamond.

Thank you! I can't wait to show off the goods!


Thanks! The Cushy Halo was just what the Dr. ordered. My wife melted when I presented it to her....cheers!!


The Lilly ring is simply amazing. My girlfriend and I are happy with the purchase and the savings. I am glad we purchased a lab diamond.

With the savings, I can pay for more of the wedding.

Joy and Steve

OMG. I gave my fiancé the ring last night. She couldn't believe it!! Truly the best purchase I have ever made. I'm glad I made the phone call.

You made my year! I will recommend you to all my friends.

Oh yah.. You were right, the Petite Halo Ring was the right pick for her. How did you know??


Got the style and form exactly as wanted, and the quality of the diamonds and the way they were matched was impeccable. Great Service and highly recommended. Sollitaire Custom Band


Thank you for your help in picking out the right ring for my fiance. I presented it to her on Sunday and her jaw dropped.

The couple that was sitting close to us was also in awe and even asked to see it. I am happy with my decision. I am glad you made my hard decision seem quite easy.

Thanks again, Myles.


I was blown away with the quality and sparkle of the ring. Absolutely amazing. Looks better then a mined Diamond. This is one of those best kept secrets.

In this case, it's actually true to say that something is too good to be true is actually true. :)

Andrew F

I am very pleased and totally satisfied with my ring.

I started out working with ******* (Competitor) but they were all talk. They had very limited styles of mens rings and would charge me over three thousand dollars to design and make a ring to my specs.

I then decided to call EcoStar Diamond, and they were super. They made a new cast to fit my finger with a 1.5 carat stone,and did not charge me extra for this. They gave me the opportunity to see and approve the casting; and The ring is fantastic. They are genuine in there efforts to help their clients and provide the best of knowledge and service.

This is NOT a paid advertisement folks, this is for real. Thanks again.

Bruce B

I just recieved my ring and I couldn't believe how beautiful and gorgeous this ring is! Words can not explain, it's breathtaking! I cried tears of joy and now I just can't stop starring at it...

Thank you for your wonderful service and making my day as a happy bride to be.

Lisa R

Hi Julie,

Just wanted to let you know that we have been getting compliments everywhere we go with the ring. Great job!


Your staff is so wonderful and knew what I wanted before I even knew what I wanted. The quality of the ring I got and the service was so above and beyond ANYTHING I expected! I want everyone to know how great you guys are.....


Thanks again for your help with the ring - all went well this weekend and she loves it.


Hi, wow, my beautiful ring arrived an hour ago. It is exceeding my expectations by 100%.

The fit is perfect, the band is comfortable and wide, and the stone is much larger than I envisioned. The yellow gold complements the classic Assher cut and my skintone. All my jewelry is in yellow gold; I am allergic to nickel. I am a very happy woman. :) I own some natural diamond rings that have gotten too tight. However, there was no way that I would purchase another "blood diamond"!!!

Thank you for your prompt service.


Thank you for everything you have done. It will never go unnoticed!

B. H.

I received the ring I purchased from you. I gotta tell you, I was a bit sceptical ordering a lab diamond, but it is perfect!

She is beyond happy with it.

Ryan S

I purchased the Molly bridal set and it is beautiful!! You have excellent customer service! Thank you so much! I love the ring and my husband was very proud to give it to me.


Everyone loves the ring. It was a perfect and magical night.


I recently purchase a beautiful engagement ring from this store. The customer and quality of their items are exceptional.Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!

Greg G

You guys are amazing!!!


Hi Guys - It's been a year :) and I absolutely love my ring!! Thank you again for all your hard work.



The only question I have is the "flatness" of the edge of the entire ring. Can you "round" out the edges more and make the band itself more dome-like? The setting itself of the stones are perfect. Its just the band. Width is exactly what I wanted.... with the edge of the band having that rounded edge rather than it being straight. The setting though of the stones is absolutely gorgeous! Now if we can just keep the band wide, but more dome like, that will be my perfect ring.

I appreciate all the hard work you are putting into this ring. IT IS TRUELY A WORK OF ART and I will cherish it!


The quality and customer service provided was excellent, not forgetting to mention the beautiful diamond ring that came along with it. I will recommend you to all my friends and family; my wife and I are 100% satisfied with the diamond ring we purchased.

A special thanks for making the whole experience a wonderful one.


Looked around at many websites for a new ring, went with this one and spoke with several staff members who were all so kind and helpful.

I love the new ring that I ordered!!!! They took my old stone and set it in a necklace for me so I always have it around my neck---- very nice items! Looking for new earrings already!


Valerie R

I ordered the 3.0 ct white gold asscher cut earrings. All of my email correspondence was answered promptly, which made me feel comfortable with the purchasing process.

This purchase met my expectations!


My Fiance got me the sandi ring with matching a wedding band. It is so beautiful and sturdy!

It isn't cheap looking, everyone loves it and they all think that we paid thousands of dollars! They can't even tell the difference because there is none!

My Fiance said he worked with the owner and he was so helpful and kind. I recommend buying from here 100%!

I am definitely buying other items from here in the future!

Carrie S

I want to thank you for the wonderful rings you had made for my two daughters, along with the bonus earrings for Christmas.

I can't tell you how pleased I am and I am sure they will be excited as well.

You can Bet I am going to be ordering once the holidays are over!

I would like to wish you and yours and all the staff of the company a Happy Holidays and all the best in the coming year.

Thank you so much again!


The ring was more then my wife and I expected. Everyone went beyond the call of duty.

Thank you all, very impressive.... Thank you....


I got my ring and it is beautiful...

If you order you will not be disappointed, they were great..


Absolutely beautiful lab created diamond. Never loses it's sparkle like my previous cz's. Looks just like a real diamond.


Mae T

Thank you. Looks better than what I was looking at on several other sites.. I will recommend my friend who is also in the market for a ring.

Thanks again!


My husband and I want to thank you for the great service provided.

Thank you for meeting our timeline. The ring is beatiful. It is everything you said it would be. We are amazed with the clarity and at how sparkly it is.

VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! Please post my testimonial.


I was very pleased with my ring in fact it was more lovely than what I expected.

If you need to contact the company, you will find them to be very helpful. This means a lot when you purchase on line.

Diane H

The Tiffany Classic ring is beautiful. The 1ct size was just perfect. It fits my girlfriends style and look. I am holding the earings till our 1st anniversary.

Thanks again.


I received my ring today (Sophie). Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

It is perfect.


I am very pleased with the Lilly Ring. Didnt take much to convince my fiance to go the lab diamond route. Thank you for your time and patience. We will be back to purchase the wedding band in the next 30 days.

Lisa V

The ring turned out fabulous.

Working with these guys with the cad drawings made deciding on my custom ring very simple. I could not believe how the lab diamonds sparkle.

My wife showed it off at our first barbecue. Her friends were in aww.

Thank you for all your help.


I was so excited when I found your website looking for a wedding band set. It was so hard to decide amongst them, as they were all so beautiful.

After much thought and conversation, they helped me decide upon the “Antique Halo”, which just happened to match my personality. He assured me that nobody would be able to know the difference!

Years ago, we had a real diamond set and when I received my lab grown diamonds, I compared both and I was not able to tell the difference between the expensive set I had and the ones manufactured from Lab Grown Diamonds..

I don’t know why I didn’t find this website sooner. We could have saved thousands of dollarsyears ago. Now I have my beautiful expensive looking diamond rings and have upgraded from 1 Carat to 2!!

They are stunning! Thanks!


Hey guys. I just would like to give a testimonial about the diamond engagement ring I picked out for my soon to be wife.

This ring is perfect.

I just put it up against a my co-workers 2 carrot mined diamond and hands down the lab diamond was more perfect. My co-worker was jealous.

Thanks for informing me of your service.


I sure am glad I found your website!

Thank you for your help in choosing the Princess. I just got it today and I showed my boss who was simply amazed. I am sure he will be calling.

Thank you.


My wife and I just love the ring.

We are glad we went with Lab Diamonds Rings. It has proven to make us and my wallet happy!

Have a great summer.

N. P

I just wanted to let you know that the ring was absolutely fantastic! My now fiancce adores it!

At first I was hesitant to buy a ring online but you have been outstanding with helping guide me into a perfect decision.

As far as my fiancée and I are concerned the ring is as good as natural. It's stunning enough that the thought of it being lab created never crosses our minds!!!

You will be recommended to my friends.


Both Jon & I are so grateful for all that you did for us for our purchase of the Melissa Pendant.

It made a very special anniversary gift for being two years cancer free.

I have received so many compliments and it is one of my most prized pieces of jewelry.

We will be purchasing from you again, and I cannot wait to see the beauty of your other products!

Thanks so much!


This is for all the help you guys gave me by hanging in there with me when we were in a rush to get another ring after the first ring purchase of a mined diamond went bad.

The ring set (the Shelby and the Mia) are just STUNNING together, and I cannot stop looking at them. Everyone thinks that they are just beautiful.

Thank you. You are the best.

Melissa and Scott

Hey guys, thank you very much for all of your outstanding customer service!

You did an amazing job on our custom ring project and my fiancee is thrilled.

Thank you again.....


Hi -The necklace is gorgeous and it turned out to be spectacular.

Your company has impeccable craftsmanship and an eye for detail.

They have the ability to capture the creative essence of what his client wants him to create.

Thank you so much! ..........




The ring is magnificent and turned out beyond my expectations.

Thanks for a job well done. I am sure my wife will freak when I put this on her.


I apologize for the delay in my response. Yes - I received the ring it is beautiful!

It is a little too big but beautiful! When time permits I may return the ring for resizing - but, for now I will just enjoy my beautiful ring!


Donna R

Hi, I have attached a couple of the engagement photos that came out pretty spectacular with your diamond.

Thank you for making the moment so incredible!


Thanks again for everything... my new fiancé's been flashing her ring to everyone. She's completely in love with it (and hopefully me too).

I'm really happy with how it turned out!

I've passed your contact info on to some of my friends; I know you'll hear from at least one of them.

Thanks again.


Hi Guys, Thank you so much for the fantastic quality!

I love the high rise cathedral ring, it is perfect and the 4mm princess cut stone is perfect for my size 5 finger.

The stones sparkle and it feels comfortable and sturdy on my finger. I will soon buy a wedding band from you to match.

Thank you.


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